Guide to Australia’s most visited National Park

Deep into the Great Ocean Road in Australia’s south is the infamous and wild Shipwreck Coast where the mighty powerful Southern Ocean smashes against the cliffs that form the Port Campbell National Park.

This Limestone coastline formed millions of years ago at the bottom of a super deep ocean when this entire area was underwater. The ocean eventually retreated and has been eroding the coastline ever since at a rate of little more than one centimeter per year.

Towering 45 metres above the ocean are the eight 12 Apostles, Australia’s most visited natural tourist attraction, although this is just one of many incredible parts of the rugged 30km coastline that makes the Port Campbell National Park Australia’s most visited national park.

The Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell NP

If you’re lucky enough to be in lucky country at the moment and not locked out due to the Corona Virus restrictions, then now’s the time to go exploring before huge volumes of international tourists even have the ability to book flights to the continent.

If you’re one of the huge volumes of tourists heading over to Australia after the COVID 19 lock down, then get in contact and we can talk about taking you on a Great Ocean Road multi or single day tour for once you’ve arrived.

Either case, we’ve put together this guide to exploring the Port Campbell National Park. Whether it’s a day trip or a longer expedition, here are the places that you’ll need to add to your agenda.

Gog and Magog at Port Campbell National Park

The Port Campbell National Park welcomes more international visitors than the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberly, Kakadu and Uluru. But, before getting too excited and imagining how amazing this place must be to attract more international tourists than the incredible wonders of the north, first take some things into consideration.

The increasing regularity of natural disasters, such as floods, bush fires and other issues taking place in the northern parts of Australia has encouraged a lot of tourists to look away from the north and to instead head down south to Victoria. Not only that, the Victorian Government has woo’d the Chinese people and huge numbers of them flock to Melbourne each year and take a tour of the mass marketed 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.

Millions of Chinese people tourists travel here each year and although there are multiple contributing factors to these huge numbers, the Port Campbell National Park is still a spectacular place and a must-visit Australian travel destination.

The glowing Sandstone of the massive cliffs and unique rock formations will take the breath out of your lungs at each vantage point of it’s rugged beauty.

Blue sky at Gog and Magog Great Ocean Road

From gold sand beaches wrapped by monstrous cliffs, to protected coves and thundering tunnels, there is so much to see in this short stretch of coastline and small but mighty national park. There are loads more photos & information that you’ll have to take a look at in our travel guide.

Gog and Magog at Port Campbell National Park

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