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2020 included a lot of staying inside and instead of exploring and heading out on new adventures, we wrote over 100,000 words on places that we’ve already had the pleasure of visiting and now have the time to tell you all, all about it.

We’re now getting thousands of monthly visitors reading our blog and even more people regularly heading to our home page, so putting these two main destinations of the website aside, here were the ten most visited web pages of for 2020.

Tucked away deep into the Otways rain forest, just off the Great Ocean Road is Aire Crossing Campground and she’s a beauty.

During Victoria’s lockdowns, this page received very little traffic, although before the Coronavirus and as soon as the local Government mentioned that the stay-at-home restrictions were easing, huge volumes of people visited this page when looking for a remote-feeling campground in the dense rainforest, close to the coast and the countries most visited tourist route.

The massive increase in interest for people to stay local and go camping as opposed to traveling overseas resulted in Aire Crossing Campground being’s most visited web page of 2020.

Ramsden Cave isn’t too far from Aire Crossing, but it’s not a place that most people would dare to venture down to. People took a look at this page for entertainment, rather than information.

Getting to the cave requires scaling down huge cliffs and dodging massive waves along the rocky coastline. Although this isn’t a place that people wanted to visit, the video showing the adventure got a lot of interest with many people visiting the page multiple times. It came in at our second most viewed web page of 2020.

If you’re planning on heading down to Ramsden Cave, comment on the blog post and let’s organise to come with you!

We launched the Backpacking & Travel Store in the first half of 2020. With some help from Instagram, this product pages for some exceptionally good looking and superior quality enamel camping plates, enamel bowls and enamel mugs became immensely popular. The enamel plates page quickly became one of our most regularly viewed pages, making it our third most viewed web page for the year, mainly visited by people looking for some special travel gear where they can add a touch of elegance to their camping tableware collection.

The Cathedral Ranges are pretty close to Melbourne and the state park has two large campgrounds, Cooks Mill Campground & Neds Gully Campground. Both campgrounds have hiking trails starting at them with the option of single day or multi day hikes. Due to it being a stunning park with loads of hiking trails and places to camp, it’s super popular and not a surprise that it made it into our most viewed web pages of the year.

Brisbane Ranges is just near Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. It’s incredibly beautiful, quiet, large in area and packed with native animals and plants, so we really expected that loads of people would take a look at this guide to the national park, and they did although we don’t seem to see very many people each time where there.

We just headed there yesterday for our third time and recommend that you also take a look. It’s no where near as busy as Cathedral Ranges, the You Yangs or anywhere that’s with-in an hour of Melbourne.

We’ve hiked over Mount Difficult in the Grampians National Park several times now. This web page is one of the very first BPTRV blog posts and although it’s not even finished and a bit abandoned, it’s super popular and still came in at our 6th most visited web page for the year.

Take a look, just don’t look too carefully at the written content and instead focus on the poorly filmed and edited video.

On the second of January, 2020, we headed to Tasmania with no idea that it’d be our last major trip before the pandemic came into action. We started with a tour of the west coast with the focus on hiking and camping. I came back to the mainland after about a week and put together this blog post, Eva stayed for about another week and relaxed on the east-coast of Tasmania with her family.

Once Eva was back in Geelong after visiting the East Coast of Tasmania, she put together this blog post which is more-or-less the second part of the prior blog post where we covered the north-west coast.

Both of these web pages generated a lot of interest before the pandemic. For about six months, the volume of visitors fell off a cliff but went crazy again after Tasmania re-opened their boarders.

An old one, but a good one. A few years ago, Tom and I went canoeing down the Glenelg River over Christmas. Our Mum lived near by and would meet us along the way, bringing lunch each day and cooking up an impressive and well in-demand dinner each night for us. We still say how it was our best Christmas holiday to date.

Although we posted this content years ago, it’s still hanging around and being viewed regularly to this day. We’d get an email once to twice a week asking for suggestions on the best spots to enter the water and camp along the river.

The Twelve Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park are/were Australia’s most popular tourist attraction, until the pandemic. Although most of the world can’t travel here, seeing as we added so much information and so many photos onto this web page in the first half of the year, large numbers of people are still taking a look at this web page when dreaming or planning their future Great Ocean Road trip.

It was a huge year of creating web pages and starting to build out the store. We’re glad that these incredible places and products were the most viewed and enjoyed in 2020 and look forward to seeing what you all enjoy the most over the next 12 months, starting now/..yesterday!

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