Look after yourself and nature with Eco Green Spirit

Eco Green Spirit Range of Products

Eco Green Spirit is an Australian environmentally conscious brand founded by Maria Faki in Gippsland, Victoria. Their mission is to provide Australians with a wide range of sustainably made items that are waste-free, plastic-free and designed well enough to be an appealing alternative to everyday products that are harmful to nature.

The Eco Green Spirit Farm in Victoria produces some materials and products, then others are sourced from like-minded suppliers and manufactures that share Maria’s passion for protecting and preserving the environment.

When you see Eco Green Spirit on the label, you’ll know that whatever it’s on is sustainably made from renewable materials and more often than not, the item will be completely biodegradable.

WAY&FARER have now teemed up with Eco Green Spirit to provide you with a whole range of gear to take on your next caravan, camping or hiking adventure so that you can take care of yourself, your gear and nature.

Vegan Lip Balm and Biodegradable Cotton Buds to Bamboo Coffee Mugs, Beeswax Surf Wax to Travellers Essential Oils, we’re stocking over 30 sustainably made items from Eco Green Spirit and you can see our entire range here.

Razor and Eco Floss

All of these products can make your next journey a little bit more comfortable and the environment breathe a bit easier than if you were to take along the nasty alternatives, but it doesn’t stop there, take a look below at a whole heap of other products from Eco Green Spirit and remember, if you spend more than $149, we’ll pay for the postage to anywhere in Australia!

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