Restocking with nothing but the best, first up: Barebones

Large Camping Crock Pot next to Dutch Oven

We’ve rebuilt our store and removed all of our old stock. Every item going up for sale on the new store will be of a superior quality and look damn good, giving you the confidence that every time you make a purchase through our online store, you’ll love what you get, not only upon delivery, but for many years of camping, hiking and exploring ahead.

Collection of Camping Axes & Knives
Products in this image: 1. Japanese Nata Tool (Machete) – 2. Field Hatchet 3. Field Knife– 4. Double Edge Knife – 5. Double Blade Axe

Now that the new store is built, it’s time to restock with new camping, hiking & travel gear!

Starting with a manufacturer of well built, beautifully finished gear that’s designed to present well and last the test of time, we’ve selected what we believe to be Barebones Living’s 30 best hiking and camping products and put them for sale on the BPTRV Store.

Everything manufactured by Barebones Living built tough, from quality materials.

Cast iron cookware and LED camping lights to hatchet axes and folding knives, it’s all stunning. We’re proud to now retail some of their premium camping gear.

Cast Iron Collection

Product in image: 1. Cast Iron Frying Pan
Products in image: 1. Large Dutch Oven – 2. Large Crock Pot – 3. Large Frying Pan

There’s nothing better than getting out the cast iron cookware and cooking straight on the campfire!

Cast Iron is incredibly durable and heats up it’s contents fast. Boil water to clean or fill your hot water bottles in minutes with a cast iron dutch oven. You can put the whole pot straight in the fire or if you’d like to control the temperature a bit more, it’s best to pile up some coals next to the fire or hang it above the flames with a tripod.

Each cast iron item that you add to your collection of camping cookware should last decades, so it’s good to chose well and we suggest our range as we know it’s of a premium quality and that you will be satisfied with it’s durability.

Enamel camping plates in use
Products in image: 1. Enamel Mug – 2. Enamel Plate – 3. Enamel Bowl – 4. Cutlery Set – 5. Cup – 6. Lantern

Minimalist design camping tableware

After moving into a zen state while you watched your meal cooking in your cast iron cookware on the campfire, enjoy sitting down to a meal and drink a little bit more than usual with this camping tableware that’s designed to bring a touch of elegance to the outdoors while being durable enough to endure the harsher elements.

Folding Steak Knife next to Bottle Opener
Products in image: 1.Folding Steak Knife – 2. Bottle Opener – 3. Wine Cup
Folding Steak Knives - one is open other is closed
Products in image: 1.Folding Steak Knife

Lighting the campsite & charging your phone at the same time

Every time we go camping, whether it be in the tents, back of the car or a hammock in the jungle, we always says “you can never have enough lighting”. What a treat it is adding Barebones Living camping lights to your collection.

The small hanging lights are bright and can either be hung from a branch or tent, otherwise sat on the picnic table.

On the full light setting, the LED camping lantern allows you to light up the entire campsite then has a low light setting that lasts 250+ hours.

The most handy of them all has to be the LED torch that is super bright and acts as a power bank so that you can charge your phone or other devices.

Black Barebones Hanging Lantern
Product in image: 1. Hanging LED Beacon
Forest Lantern Red in use - Barebones
Products in image: 1. LED Lantern & Power Bank 2. Wine Cup
Two LED Trailblazer Flashlights standing on table
1. LED Torch & Power Bank

Traditional Style Camping Tools

Made of durable materials, the Barebones Living range of camping knives, axes & hatches and other camping tools and mainly built from steel with the occasional hardwood handle. The tools purpose determines the material, whether it be stainless, heat-treated or carbon steel, Walnut or some other known to be tough or light material, only the best are used.

Hatchet Camping Axe on grass
Products in these images: 1. Field Hatchet – 2. Field Knife – 3. Double Blade Axe

Barebones is our first new camping and hiking manufacturer that we’re retailing on the BPTRV Store. Just like all of their products that we proudly stock, all future items going up on our store will only be durable and made of high quality materials, whiling working well and looking good.

Take a look at the full range of Barebones Living camping gear here or checkout the next blog post.

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