One (bottle) For Life

Water Bottle - Leave no trace

Join the movement towards ending single-use drink bottles by getting a reusable one and while you’re at it, you may as well get one that looks great, is made from sustainable materials and created by a brand that puts the environment first in everything that they do.

We’re now stocking One For Life, an Australian brand with a focus on sustainability that make reusable drink bottles with a beautiful and minimalist design. More than just having eco-friendly made products, One For Life actively supporting the environment and grass-roots eco initiatives.

Each reusable bottle in their range are completely plastic free, being made from glass with a natural rubber FSC Certified lid.

You’ll not only love your reusable and stunningly designed eco bottle, but enjoy knowing that you’re helping to put an end to single-use drink bottles, each time you refill your One For Life.

Find them below or at the new WAY&FARER Eco Store.

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