Reusable, Biodegradable Tableware by EcoSouLife

EcoSouLife All Natural Products

EcoSouLife was created by two Australians, Gal & Sharon Benjamin, that had the desire to create products that don’t damage the environment during the manufacturing process and very importantly, once they’re disposed of. After years of dedicated research and testing, they’ve produced multiple ranges of reusable biodegradable products that are sustainably made from renewable raw and natural materials and we’re excited to now have them for sale at the WAY&FARER Eco Store.

Our range of products from EcoSouLife are perfect to take camping, caravanning or on a picnic. They’re all designed to be used as many times as you need, then once they’re buried in the compost, garden or landfill, the decomposition process begins and each product typically takes a few years to completely breakdown and return to nature, making them a brilliant alternative to plastic or styrofoam that can take around a thousand years to deteriorate.

Almost everything that we’ve put up for sale at from EcoSouLife is either constructed from a bunch of all-natural materials or Rice Husk, other than some Bamboo straws, the Carabiners that keep the small cutlery set together, biodegradable bags that come with particular products and some other small items.

The all-natural range of products are sustainably made from Cornstalk, Bamboo, Melamine and Soybean waste along with an all-natural colour pigment that creates a natural fibre and plant based binder. Most of the products are available in a wide range of different colours, here are some of them:

Have a look here at the range of products and colours each product is available in. Free shipping on all orders over $149, otherwise it’s just a flat rate of $8.49 per order.

We’re also now selling Rice Husk biodegradable tableware. Rice Husk or Rice Hulls are the shell that’s around a grain of rice and it’s usually discard in the rice production process. Once manufactured, a durable material is created that will last many years of camping and travel adventures, then just like every other EcoSouLife product, once buried, they’ll completely decompose.

EcoSouLife make it easy for you to do the right thing by nature and not purchase products that are harmful for the environment, especially if they can accidentally be left behind in the outdoors. We’re so happy to be partnering with EcoSouLife and we hope that you enjoy taking a look at their range of products at WAY&FARER.

If you have any questions about this range or anything else, please feel free to contact us here or leave a comment below.

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