We’re now selling Commercial Kitchen Grade Cookware for Caravans!

Soga Caravan Cookware

Hitch the Caravan, throw a dart at a map and off you go.

Upgrading from the much loved Canvas tent to a Caravan has been an easy and enjoyable transition. We get to explore far a wide by day, then experience some home-like comforts when we arrive back out our little rolling house. We love it & couldn’t be happier to have joined the huge and growing community of grey nomads!

Cooking plays a big role in our home life and we were quick to realise that it’s just as important when we’re out on the road, not just for nutrition and health, but the pleasure, routine and familiarity all help to make things a bit more comfortable and add some normality to life when everyday is full of new experiences.

To us, Caravans are for comfortable camping, this makes us really excited to now be partnering with Soga, a commercial kitchen grade cookware manufacturer that have bought out a range of cooking gear for Caravans and camping.

Soga’s Caravan Cookware was originally designed for and used in restaurant cooking. Extremely durable materials have been chosen that can handle a tough life on the road through the Australian outback and although each item should last long enough to be passed through the generations, all materials used are 100% recyclable.

These Casserole Dishes have a Cast-Iron base that’s coated in Porcelain Enamel. Cast Iron products usually last for around 100 years, and although the Enamel coating would need to be handled with a lot of care to still be in the same condition in a century, it plays an important role here.

The Porcelain Enamel does create a stunning aesthetic finish, yet it also helps to distribute heat evenly inside the Casserole Dish, it’s non-stick for easy cooking and cleaning, although the biggest benefit is that it prevents any leaching of toxins from the Cast Iron into your food, water or the environment if incorrectly disposed of.

Cook for yourself or the whole campground by choosing an Enamelled Cast Iron Casserole Dish that has either a 2.7, 3.6 or 5 litre capacity, all sizes are available in multiple colours.

If you’re just after a Cast-Iron pot to put directly on the campfire, consider one of these from Barebones Living Australia:

Bring the commercial grade cooking to your Caravan stove-top with Cooking Pot and Frying Pan from Soga.

The stock pot has a Stainless Steel construction with a Glass lid. Much like the Enamel coating on the Casserole Dish, the Stainless finish prevents any toxins leaching into your food. Better yet, if this pot isn’t recycled after it’s long life and it ends up in landfill or left in nature, toxins won’t leach into the environment or waterways from the Steel.

As for the Frying Pan, rather than purchasing two different pans, one for inside the van and other for camp fire cooking, the Cast Iron construction makes it durable enough for both, you can even begin cooking on the stove-top then transfer it into the oven or on to the outside flames.

High quality equipment will help to complete the Caravanning cooking experience, transforming your house on wheels into a home, but when the conditions are right, it’s hard to beat the satisfaction of cooking on the campfire.

Soga have also brought out some hot plates and griddles that are perfect for the campfire, then they can easily be tucked away in the Caravan for when you’re on the move.

& just incase you wind up a campground that only allows fires in pits, here’s a portable fire pit for your to keep on hand.

See our full range of portable Fire Pits here.

It can be a real luxury to take along some of Soga’s commercial kitchen grade Caravan cookware, although we’ve got a whole lot of other recyclable, durable cookware that’s of a high quality, but won’t quite be found out the back of a restaurant that’s worth considering.

Then once the meal is served, chose between durable Enamel tableware or reusable, biodegradable alternatives:

We hope that some of this cookware and tableware will help to make your Caravan trip that bit more enjoyable. If you’ve got any questions about any of this gear of have an upcoming trip to tell us about, please be sure to leave us a comment below.

We’ve also got a bunch more Caravan accessories and camping gear hitting the WAY&FARER eco shop soon, be sure to check back or reach out to us to find out what’s on the way by contacting us here.

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