Testing out the BLUETTI EB55 Portable Power Station 

Camping with the Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station

Whether it be strapping on the boots and venturing through the wilderness by foot for a day hike or packing up the tent and heading on a camping trip, nothing beats getting outdoors!

There’s a thrill to be gained from roughing-it, or an unexplained satisfaction of being underneath the blankets, beneath the canvas tent or caravan roof when the rain starts to fall.

If you’re like us, it doesn’t matter if we’re sleeping below a tarp, comfort camping in a tent or travelling in the caravan, if we come across somewhere that we like, we try to stay a while, but the agenda and set-up isn’t always what determines how long we can stick around, it often comes down to our supply of fresh drinking water and power.

We’re currently travelling around Australia in our caravan, and a regular challenge that we’ve faced is not having enough power stored up, so we were pretty excited when the team from Bluetti asked if we were keen to be sent their EB55 Portable Power Station so that we could review it!

Bluetti are a manufacturer of portable power stations, solar panels, back-up batteries and other items that give you energy independence, allowing you to easily remain on-the-go or comfortably stay outdoors for longer. They also happen to be an online retailer, so we were able to conveniently have the power station sent to an address on the east-coast in perfect timing for our next off-grid adventure!

Doing a bit of work online, alongside running the WAY&FARER blog & camping shop requires plenty of devices and a lot of power, especially if we’re playing music while writing and ending the day by watching a movie on the 12v TV, so we were pumped to hear that Bluetti had a solution for us so that we’d have power for longer!

The lead up to collecting our Bluetti Power Station was a bit of a rough one in regards to generating some power. We had slowly been making our way through the mountains towards the coast, copping a lot of wet weather without much sun and only driving short distances at a time, which made it a challenge to charge-up the battery in our caravan. When we picked up the power station, to our surprise, the battery was already 80% charged, which allowed us to extend our time camping in the bush, as opposed to heading to a caravan park for a recharge.

Using Bluetti Power Station in caravan

Just from the power that was already in the battery when we picked it up, we fully charged both of our laptops, phones, a wireless broadband device, a lantern, and torch, with still enough charge left to watch a bit of TV afterwards.

There’s not a great deal of spare room in our 12 foot Viscount, so naturally things get placed on other things and in one case, Eva sat her phone on the power station and it started charging as there’s a wireless 15W output on the top of it! Very cool, Bluetti!

Having everything full of energy and ready for work, we spent half of the next day with our devices unplugged while we were recharging the power station by connecting it to a portable solar panel. This allowed us to go on as usual with the laptops and by the time we were running low on battery again, the Bluetti was already ready for round 2!

Being portable, we didn’t need to stick around campground to give things another power top up, instead we grabbed it by the handle and went to the beach.

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station in the sand
Bluetti Power Station on timber structure

With the ability to simply pick up the portable power station and take it anywhere resulted in just that, we now seem to take it just about everywhere we go, when we have plans to use anything that requires a bit of charging. This has been a game changer, allowing us to bring along anything and everything that typically could only be used for a short period of time, such as the cameras, laptops and speakers, then go use them time-and-time-again without retreating to the caravan for a recharge.

Picnic with the Bluetti Portable Power Station

Drinking wine and listening to podcasts at the top of a cliff edge while waiting to get the perfect photo all just got easier …and all-the-more enjoyable!

Before we left the wilderness and went to a caravan park where we could connect to the mains power, we thought that we’d try and drain out the Bluetti EB55 battery and connected everything that we had to it!

In total, there are 10 power outlets on the front, the wireless phone charger on the top and a handy light on the back. We had everything in use and it still took hours before it ran dry! We may have won this battle, but after making it back to the caravan park and putting the power station on charge, it was 100% and good as gold in no time at all and ready to face another day.

It has been a pleasure testing this impressive piece of equipment from Bluetti and our only regret is that we didn’t buy one at the start of our trip around the country!

We recommend that you pick yourself up your own portable power station before the next time that you hit the road, you can grab one by clicking here!

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