Best dog friendly day hike in the Otways NP

Eva walking the dog on the Lake Elizabeth Loop

At the moment, we’re based in Victoria Australia just near the start of the Great Ocean Road. Here, the Covid-19 restrictions have only just been lifted. We’ve been pretty keen to get back out into nature but we can’t just think of ourselves, our poor little dog has been itching for a day hike too.

Only two and a half hours from the centre of Melbourne is one the most incredibly beautiful rain forest walks in the entire state of Victoria, the Lake Elizabeth Loop and it’s dog friendly, so we went and took a look on the weekend.

Here’s further information about Lake Elizabeth and how to get there.

Lake Elizabeth is on the Barwon River East Branch, deep into the forest of the Great Otways National Park.

After a lot of logging in the area, the ground was damaged and there was a large landslide in the 1970’s which poured a whole heap of rocks and Earth into the river. A natural dam formed and Lake Elizabeth was born.

Dead trees in Lake Elizabeth, Otways, Victoria

The area was originally filled with giant Eucalyptus regnans which are the worlds tallest flowering tree and can grow to be over 100 metres tall. As the lake only formed about 50 years ago, there are still some huge tree stumps sticking out of the water.

Lake Elizabeth is unique and wonderfully eerie. During the day, admire the incredible lake and abundance of birds then at night, see the place transform as the glow worms come out.

The entire walk is a bit less than 5kms and the lake is around 1km from the main car park and camping area.
Here’s way more photos and information about Lake Elizabeth Loop walking trail.

There are facilities and a picnic area, so you can plan on having a barbecue here.

But if you were like us, a bit too focused on getting out for a post Corona Virus lock-down hike and bit less prepared, then head down to Forrest for lunch which is a cosy town only a few minutes away that has a cafe and brewery.

If instead you’re wanting to camp in the area, then the Lake Elizabeth Campground is just near the car park and one of the most beautiful camp grounds in the entire national park.

Lake Elizabeth Campground with fire pit

The Lake Elizabeth Loop is a short walking trail that every man and his dog should experience, as long as the dog remains on a lead. The lake is incredible and the walk will show case some amazing Australian native flora and fauna.

Take a look at way more photos and information about the Lake Elizabeth walk here.

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