Beeripmo Walk Birthday Hike

Beeripmo Circuit – Richards to Richards

What better way to celebrate a birthday than doing an overnight hike in country Victoria.

Trying to steer clear of anything too difficult so that we could drink a few beers and enjoy ourselves a bit more than usual, we picked the Beeripmo walk as it was meant to be quite easy.

Day One: Richards Campground to Mugwamp Hut

Starting at Richards Campsite, we hiked for what seemed to be an uphill battle the entire way and kept hoping the easy part was just around the corner.

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The hike didn’t seem to get any easier the further we went, but it was never that hard either and we may have struggled a bit more than usual as it was the last day of winter and none of us were too fit.

With a good crew, we kept things pretty casual and had plenty of laughs along the way. Here’s Lukey finding a throne before giving in to Tom.

We spotted plenty of Wedge Tail Eagles, a couple of them were circling for prey as we walked along the peaks.

Beeripmo Campground

Beeripmo Campground

We got to Beeripmo Campground with a few hours of sun left in the day. It was blowing a gale and as all the campsites were deep beneath the Eucalyptus Gum trees with plenty of branches snapping off, we decided to keep hiking to Mugwamp Hut.

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Mugwamp Hut & Campground

With great relief, we got to Mugwamp Hut about an hour or two later. The hut was occupied, although no-one was in sight. We set-up our tents close to the hut, started a fire and had some birthday drinks.

The hunters returned after dark with their guns, so we’re happy that we didn’t try to take over the hut earlier. They ended up being good dudes and shouting us some beers and whisky, making a bigger night than we expected. Great way to spend a 30th birthday!

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Day Two: Mugwamp to Richards Campground

The second day shocked us with what would have to be the easiest return hike that we’ve ever done. We followed a valley and it was pretty much down hill all the way from Mugwamp Hut to Richards Campground.

Luke and Hodge resting their feet

We loved the hike – it was a great 30th birthday. Now that winter is over, we’re looking forward to getting a bit fitter seeing where we go next time!

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