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We’re big fans of camp fires, whether it be to cook on while hiking or a focal point at the camp ground, we almost always get a fire going on each overnight adventure.

Getting the fire started and setting-up a grill for barbecuing while out on a hiking trail is a whole lot easier and much more efficient with the right fire pit, grill and fire striker.

We’re excited to now be stocking the M1 Grill, Fire Safe fire pit and Fire Set ferro rod from Wolf & Grizzly, engineered to be superior. All three of these products are designed for performance and built from high quality, lightweight materials that are made to last; they’re built for the trail.

With-in a strike or two, generate sparks with the Ferro Rod that are almost 3,000°C. The rod is built to last up to 20,000 strikes, you can purchase this for $34.95 at our online store and never have to worry about buying matches or a lighter again, making it one of the most sustainable fire lighting products that’s on the market.

If the quality, sustainability and modest price tag hasn’t already enticed you to add this item to your shopping cart, then get a load of this: some paracord attaches the two items and hidden inside the cord is some woven Jute, which can be extracted and used as tinder in an emergency or survival situation where you can’t find any dry fuel to get a fire started.

Give your spark the best chance of growing into a fire that will burn hot, long and consistent enough to cook meals by using the Fire Safe, which is a lightweight and foldable fire pit designed to enhance your fire and minimise fuel consumption.

Fire pit in action with charcoal

Loads of engineering has gone into making the Fire Safe the most ideal fire pit to take hiking. It has unique air flow design for a clean burn with a corrugated interior that allows you to segment the fire and burn less wood or charcoal.

After cooking, use the top insert as a scoop to dispose of the ashes and pack it away into the recycled polyester case that has pockets for your Ferro Rod and a bit of tinder.

Whether it be that you take along the Fire Safe or build your own small bon fire, if you get the M1 Grill, as long as you’ve got some flames, you’ll be set to barbecue wherever you desire.

Just like the Fire Safe, this the M1 Grill is lightweight and packs up small, making it perfect to take hiking. The grill has its own legs that fold out, so you can sit it above any small fire, although keep in mind that it has been designed to work with the Fire Safe and they’re each others perfect companion.

Send photos to, tag @backpackingandtravel on Instagram or comment on this blog post the best place that you’ve barbecued before!

Find all of this gear and a whole lot more lightweight and superior quality hiking equipment at the BPTRV hiking store.

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