10 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


From showing you how to tie the best fishing knot (or trying to, anyway) to carrying the gear and helping to set up your tent without asking, give back to your Dad this Father’s Day with some new gear for his upcoming summer adventures!

The 5th of September will be here before we know it, although you still have enough time to take a look at our Father’s Day gift ideas and have something sent directly to him or yourself before his big day of appreciation.

Here are our ten top Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Portable Fire Pit, Grill & Ferro Rod Combo

Barbecue anywhere with this lightweight Fire Pit & Grill Combo that includes a Ferro Rod that lasts up to 20,000 strikes (items also available to be purchased individually here).

The fire pit is designed to use minimal fuel and leave a low or no trace. The fire pit and grill are both Stainless Steel, durable and 100% recyclable.

Campfire Trio 3

2. Industrial Inspired LED Lantern

This quality small lantern from Barebones Living has a Steel frame and cage around an LED light.

It can be charged by a USB input and is available in four colours.

Mini LED Lantern in Copper colour

3. Japanese Nata Tool

Let your Dad lead the hike through the bush with this Japanese style Nata Tool.

It has a solid Steel blade with Hardwood handle and comes presented in display box.

Machete in wood

4. Reusable Biodegradable Travel Mug

Keep the coffee hot on the road with this durable and reusable travel mug made from all-natural materials.

Once its long life comes to an end, bury the bio mug and it’ll completely biodegrade within 2-3 years!

Large Biodegradable Coffee Cup Set

5. One For Life Glass Bottle

One For Life are an Australian eco brand on a mission to end single-use water bottles by creating appealing alternatives, including these Glass bottles with a Yulex® FSC Certified natural rubber lid.

See our full range eco friendly drink bottles here.

6. Bamboo & Stainless Steel Razor

Double sided Steel blade razor with a Bamboo handle.

This entire safety razor can be recycled and the Bamboo handle would break down and return to nature if buried.

Eco Safety Razor

7. Cast Iron Hot Plate & Griddle

Cook straight on the camp fire or barbecue with this heavy duty hot plate that’s built to last a lifetime, if it’s not passed down to future generations, that’s not a problem as it’s 100% recyclable.

If cooking with fatty foods, turn the hot plate over and use the griddle.

Cooking with hot plate

8. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Camping gets a whole lot easier with a Cast Iron Pot that can be hung above the flames of the camp fire on a tripod or placed right on the fire.

Just like the hot plate, quality Cast Iron cookware typically lasts for around 100 years, then it can be recycled into a new Steel based item.

3 10 Inch Cast Iron Dutch Oven

9. Reef Safe Sunscreen & Face Oil

Sunbutter Skincare Reef Safe SPF50 Sunscreen and Face Oil that are both chemical-free with sustainably sourced ingredients that are produced in an Australian Solar powered factory

See our full range of eco skincare here, including the Sunscreen & Face Oil as individual items.

SunButter Sunscreen in water

10. Camping Axe & Pick Mattock

Chop fire wood and grub roots with this two-in-one Axe & Pick that features tough duel Carbon Steel blades and a Beechwood Handle with a Steel pommel base.

Looking for something lighter for your Dad to take hiking? This lightweight hatchet is just 544 grams!

Camping Axe cutting wood

These are our top gift ideas for Father’s Day, although we’ve got plenty more gear at the WAY&FARER eco shop.

For any questions or something that we might be able to do to help make Father’s Day that bit more special for your Dad this year, make sure to contact us here or comment below.

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